I welcome you to the website as the 3rd Rector of St. Sebastian’s College, Moratuwa.
I am well aware that the young and old boys of the College like to know the happenings at their ‘Alma Mater’.
The web site is run side by side with the College ‘Sebs Media’ which comes under the College Media Society,
responsible for the audio Visual strips of all events of the College, and the College Home Face Book Page.
Thus I believe this webpage would satisfy your expectations which in turn would enable you to be more proud of your ‘Alma mater”

Sacrament of a Holy Communion for the Grade 4 Students.


Our College became the runners up of the Under 17 Division I Tournament "Runners up" on the 10th of October which was held at the Thirstan Grounds against "Mahanama Collge".And also our collge became the "Joint Champs" in the under 17 Division II Tournament which was held on the 16th of October at the Thirstan Grounds against "Royal Collge"

Children's Day

Art Exhibition "SPECTRUM"-2019

The Spectrum Art Exhibition was held on the 20th of September 2019 orgainzed by the Art Circle of our school.


Rev.Fr.Anton Ranjith

The institution which began with the introduction of Education in a Catholic Perspective in 1854 and has grown from the verandah of the parish Church in the town of Moratuwa to what it is today. The Christian Brothers of St. John Baptist De La Salle, were given the keys to run this ministry of the administration of the school on 3rd January , 1926. The institution entered a new era in April 2003, when the Provincial Visitor of the De La Salle Brothers handed over the College to his Grace the Archbishop of Colombo. At this stage the administration of the College changed hands to the diocesan Priests. This noble institution presently serves 3200 students and has a tutorial staff over 180. St. Sebastian’s College Moratuwa is run as a Catholic Assisted Private School under the management of the General Manager, Catholic Education, of the Archdiocese of Colombo.

This noble educational institution serves the Catholics of the 18 villages across the whole of Moratuwa in addition to the permissible amount of non-Catholics in the area. Side by side of the education the institution, while nourishing them in their Religious worship and activities strive to nurture the students to develop into responsible and honest citizens and place a great importance on discipline, The other major aspect is to give the students maximum opportunity to take part in Sports and Extra & Co Curricular activities. We have produced eminent and prestigious citizens in every phase of life within our Motherland and abroad.Please feel free to scour and enjoy all details from this website. Thank you. Live Jesus in our hearts ………….forever!

St.Sebastian's College


To be a school of excellence which guides students towards the fullness of life

St.Sebastian's College


To provide a holistic education Which Nurtures the intellect.Shapes charachtersand promotes christian Values within a diciplined learning environment

St.Sebastian's college


"Wave,O Wave the Green,White and Gold
and bear it aloft,Still to heights so bold,
O lads,brave lads of lealty's lure
Awaiting the load ,Him manfully serve

O come,ring out your song sebastianites
And loyal be your hearts:your voices free
Unite,unite your Alma Mater calls,
To dare,to fight,to win beneath her shield
Your life she moulds,be wise in learning's lure
Be true,the Crown is won in heaven's shore"